Icy mess today
By Mellany Armstrong

Updated Monday, January 28, 2013 - 10:24am

Be prepared for some slippery travel today.

AccuWeather's Joe Lundberg says we're getting a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain for a time this morning.

"Until temperatures can get above freezing, it is going to be a little messy around the area. So be prepared for slow going over the next four to six hours - certainly through the morning rush hour and into the mid-day hours and the temperatures finally do crawl above freezing and all of this liquid is in the form of rain," Joe tells us.

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We're in for quite a range of temperatures over the next few days.

"You'll probably start to see some snow and sleet developing, and then it will start to mix with some freezing rain and eventually it all goes over to plain rain during the mid-day and early afternoon hours. Then, after that, it's off to the races. Temperatures will start rising an we'll get close close to 40 today, and then into the 40's if not low 50's tomorrow. And we're in the 60's on Wednesday. It's going to feel like Spring," Joe says.

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