Markell back from first trip to World Econ. Forum
By Amy Cherry/Allan Loudell

The World Economic Forum signs outside the Congress Centre are covered with snow the day before the opening of the 42nd Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)
Governor Markell is back from Switzerland after a brief weekend trip there for the World Economic Forum's annual conference.

He tells WDEL he met with several CEOs from Fortune 500 companies that have a presence in Delaware.

"One has a lot of employees, several hundred employees in Delaware, but this particular CEO has actually not been to the Delaware facility before, so it was a great opportunity for me to talk to him about the workforce that we have here and what a great operation it is; I talked to a COO of one of the major banks that has a presence here," says Markell.

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In his second year at the conference, Markell also noted a change in mood.

"I wouldn't say it was terrible optimistic this year, and this is my first time being there by the way, but last year, Europe, there was a lot of uncertainty about what was going to happen to Europe. I think there's still some uncertainty about Europe, but I think there's less than there was last year. So I think there's a bit more optimistic, cautious optimism, I'd call it from around the world," Markell says.

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Markell also sat in on a panel on energy, and notes a growing recognition of the United States' opportunity to bring back manufacturing with the the reduced cost of natural gas.

To his surprise, Markell also met with the United Nations Secretary- General, Ban Ki-moon about his interest to establish strong connections with governors.

Markell attended the elite conference as chair of the National Governors' Association, which funded the trip.

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