Sequester, economy dominate NGA talks with President
By Amy Cherry

Updated Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 10:03am

Gov. Markell (WDEL/File)
The sequester and the cuts that could come are the hot topic and a major source of frustration for governors at the National Governors Association's (NGA) winter meeting in Washington D.C.

After meeting with President Obama, Governor Markell, who's also chair of the NGA talked with WDEL.

"There's obviously some frustration that many of the governors feel that as we're coming out of the recession here's a new concern that depending upon what happens with the sequester, it could really impact our ability to put people back to work," says Markell.

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Delaware stands to lose millions and Dover Air Force Base could see dramatic cuts if the across-the-board budget cuts aren't avoided.

Markell tells WDEL the President was also looking for ideas on how the federal government and the state can work together given limited financial resources.

He pointed to Delaware's world language immersion program.

"The fact that we in Delaware and states across the country have lots of employers who have come to us from other countries, and I think one of the things that can make us more competitive, is when we have more people in our state that speak more than one language," Markell says.

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