Government reform bill announced by state GOP lawmakers
By Tom Lehman

Updated Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 10:49pm

GOP lawmakers have announced a set of government reform bills to improve transparency in the General Assembly.

WDEL's Tom Lehman reports.

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Among them is a bill barring members from becoming paid lobbyists for two years, which is sponsored by state Rep. Ruth Briggs King (R-Georgetown) is the prime sponsor for that proposed measure.

"It gives the public the perception that there's no special treatment for former legislators and former legislators are not going to be competing for time, resources with the public that might be lobbying on particular issues," King says.

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State Rep. Tim Dukes (R-Laurel) is the prime sponsor on a bill requiring those running for office in the General Assembly to disclose whether they're up to date on financial obligations such as tax bills and child support payments.

"This just gives the public the assurance that the people they're voting for are complying with the laws and not trying to get around the law," Dukes says.

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State Rep. Joe Miro (R-Pike Creek Valley) is sponsoring a bill that would bar legislators from also seeking a jobs with the state while in office.

"If we're going to serve the people, we need to serve them well, and one of those conditions is that you do not use your power to gain employment in the state," Miro says.

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Other proposed bills call for the House and Senate to have uniform rules and protocols and to require the reporting of gifts of more than $50.

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