Delaware GOP refreshes its leadership, sets action plans at convention
By Jim Hilgen

Updated Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 1:45pm

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WDEL's Jim Hilgen talks with new GOP vice-chair Nelly Jordan and John Sigler, who was re-elected chairman of the Del. GOP

New leadership emerges from the Delaware Republican Party Convention in Wilmington.

During this off election year, the party convention focused on getting its leadership team in place in advance of the elections in 2014.

New to the state party committee are secretary Carol Bodine and vice-chair Nelly Jordan.

Jordan says she'll bring some needed elements to Delaware's GOP.

"The biggest strength of mine is that I'm a Hispanic, I'm a woman, I know how to reach the culture of the people that I know and that will be big numbers that we hope that we can show that they have the same values that we do," Jordan says.

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Jordan says she will help the party cut into some traditional Democratic constituencies: women and Hispanics.

"Put a face now, I'm Nelly Jordan, I am Hispanic and I am with the rest of the Hispanic people. And they should be following us more closer because we have their values in our party," says Jordan.

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John Sigler will serve a second term as committee chair, and Bill Smith returns as treasurer.

Sigler says the new blood will energize the Republican Party in Delaware.

"I'm looking forward to working with both of them. They both bring things to the table this party needs desperately, and it's going to be fun going forward and preparing for 2014," Sigler says.

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The convention did hold some light drama as some minor skirmishes flared up over some proposed rule changes for future conventions.

Sigler says compared to conventions in other states this was nothing.

"What we've done is healthy. This is a healthy process, and that's how you rebuild. You rebuild based upon new understandings and recommitment by everyone," says Sigler.

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In other business, the party committee is tasked with finding a new headquarters in Dover once the lease on its Wilmington site is up.

Another resolution calls on Delaware's Republican Party to work with other state parties and the RNC to review, update and correct voter registries.

Finally, the state GOP will do outreach work to support and cooperate with conservative grassroots movements to strengthen the party and improve its relationship with other conservatives.

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