Middle schoolers learn how to create video games
By Jessica Guay

Updated Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 12:29am

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VIDEO: WDEL's Jessica Guay reports.

Middle school students learn computer programming and how to create video games at Brandywine School District's STEM camp.

Students first learned how to use a web-based program called 'Scratch.' Then they used their imaginations to create their own interactive video games.

All of the students, including Alex Lutz, say after participating in the camp, they want to pursue a career in computer programming.

"I learned how to use that program, I wasn't really sure how to use any programing whatsoever but when I heard about this camp, I was willing to give it a try."

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STEM program manager Judson Wagner says that computer science is a big part of most STEM jobs, but unfortunately, computer science isn't taught in schools.

"Students are involved in the design cycle, their thinking about solving a problem but at the same time without even thinking about it they're involved in some of those computer science principles."

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Brooks Twilley, the STEM Camp Coordinator, says it's important to teach students how to be problem solvers by using the technology of today.

"The world that they're living in and going to be living in when they leave school is so emerged in technology that we've gotta train them to not just be consumers and users but also being able to manipulate those computers and technologies to solve the problems that they're going to be faced with in their careers."

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The District plans to continue their focus on STEM by adding classes into lower grade levels.

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