Christina unveils next strategic plan
By Jim Hilgen

Updated Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 7:50am

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VIDEO: WDEL's Jim Hilgen speaks with Christina COO Kelli Racca.

A plan outlining the direction of Christina schools is ready for prime time.

WDEL's Jim Hilgen has more.

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The Christina School Board approved the district's strategic plan which looks ahead at the next three years.

District Chief Operating Officer Kelli Racca says a part of the plan focuses on secondary school students.

"How do we engage students in the secondary school process, we looked at the needs of the district in terms of enrollment, in terms of student success, in terms of opportunities at the secondary level. How do we attract students to stay in high schools in Christina? A lot of choices out there for parents and students these days," says Racca.

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She says student performance, and more importantly, student engagement get lots of attention in this plan.

Racca calls the plan a blueprint painted with a broad brush.

"There's obviously instructional needs, but there's also student needs, family's needs, facility needs. There's a variety of aspects to a strategic plan," Racca says.

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Racca says the plan is the work of many people, and is geared toward creating the best possible student environment.

"What you'll see, when you see a strategy in the strategic plan, like "developing unique focus for all of our high schools," that's a project that will involve working with parents, working with students, working with administrators and educators as to what are those opportunities," says Racca.

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She says the plan takes a two-tiered approach.

"In order to have growth in student academic achievement you also need to have an environment that is conducive to learning," Racca says.

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Racca says public engagement was instrumental in creating this vision for the future of Christina schools.

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