Candidates for Wilmington mayor discuss issues on WDEL

By Mark Fowser 11:44pm, January 30, 2012 - Updated 7:51am, January 31, 2012
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What would the candidates for mayor of Wilmington change, if elected? Five hopefuls in this year's race addressed that question at a WDEL-sponsored town hall on The Future of Wilmington.

WDEL's Mark Fowser has more.

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Mayor Baker's twelve years in office draw to a close this year.

State Representative Dennis P. Williams says one thing needs to change: the city's overall attitude toward its constituents. Williams called it one of the most "arrogant" administrations he had ever seen.

The current Mayor's chief of staff, Bill Montgomery, is part of that administration. He objects to the city being called "arrogant," saying everyone is working hard every day.

City Councilman Kevin Kelley answers that the Mayor has been taking credit for many initiatives begun by council.

Reverend Derrick Johnson says he would change the police chief.

And, Scott Spencer says he would throw out what he calls "politics as usual." This was the first public forum involving the candidates for Mayor, who meet in the Democratic primary September 11th.

The candidates also talked about issues ranging from youth crime to parking.
State Senator Bobby Marshall was unable to take part.

Allan Loudell, who moderated the forum, offers his 5 takeaways from the town hall meeting.

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