"A Conversation with the Candidates"

By Carl Kanefsky 5:35am, April 16, 2012 - Updated 6:28am, April 17, 2012
Mayoral hopeful Scott Spencer talks with Allan Loudell
In our continuing series of "Conversations with the Candidates," WDEL's Allan Loudell spoke with Scott Spencer, a transit consultant, looking to be the next mayor of Wilmington.

Spencer says the number one thing on his "to do" list as mayor is fighting crime.

Under Spencer's plan, in the near term, police will enhance techniques, technology, and tactics, but the long term solution involves other input from the city.

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It's essential to be producing jobs to reduce crime. It's essential to be producing higher graduation rates to reduce crime. So as mayor, I would be focusing on providing the leadership in those two areas in terms of jobs and education."

Spencer says he'll stress the use of community policing as mayor, and also call upon best practices from other cities in order to help reduce crime.

Spencer also believes that creating more jobs will actually lower crime, and that's why he'll create the YES Jobs Program, standing for Youth Employment Set-Asides.

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"If you're going to bid on a project in the city, compared to your other bidders, how many youth can you employ part time and full time. Whether it be one job or ten jobs...tell us what you think you can do."

Spencer says his program will help develop a large bank of job opportunities, and that it will be successful because of the number of companies wanting to do business with the city.

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