"Conversation with the Candidates"

By Carl Kanefsky 5:17am, April 23, 2012 - Updated 7:50pm, April 23, 2012
Allan Loudell speaks with Bill Montgomery
Our Election Watch "Conversation with the Candidates" series continues today with Allan Loudell talking to Bill Montgomery about Montgomery's quest to become the next mayor of Wilmington.

Montgomery, says he's uniquely qualified to run the city having served as a volunteer, a community activist, and an employee for 21 years under two different mayors.

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"For the last 11 years as chief of staff, I've had my finger on the pulse of the city. All kinds of issues from the ridiculous to the sublime...from barking dogs to bond deals. I know the city inside and out."

Montgomery acknowledges that administrators don't typically seek elected office, but he sees it as the next logical step in his career, and that he knows how the city runs, as well as its good points and bad points.

Montgomery says as chief of staff, his responsibilities included carrying out the Mayor's vision for the city as best as possible, and says those who remain opposed to Mayor Baker and his plan don't bother him as he moves forward with his own campaign.

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"I'm not worried so much about the anti-Baker or the pro-whatever, I'm trying to get the Bill Montgomery vote out there, that's all. One of my friends who's a bit of a cynic said, remember, you get half of his friends and all of his enemies."

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