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By Carl Kanefsky 7:13am, April 30, 2012 - Updated 10:04am, April 30, 2012
Allan Loudell speaks with Councilman Kevin Kelley
One member of Wilmington City Council wants to move across the hall of the City/County Building into the mayor's office.

As part of WDEL's on-going Election Watch coverage, City Councilman Kevin Kelley tells Allan Loudell that being a life long resident of Wilmington allows the 20 year veteran of council to see a split he doesn't like...a split he wants to repair as mayor.

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"Right now there's a huge disconnect between people who live in neighborhoods and city government...they don't feel part of what goes on. We have a lot of division between people, so my goal to be mayor is to bring those people back together, to work together to make this city a great place to live and work."

Kelley also says a disconnect exists as a result of some larger areas of the city evolving over the past few years, while neighborhoods have been left behind.

Kelley says a viable riverfront and downtown remain vital, but when he's elected mayor, he'll make sure those areas are connected to neighborhoods so everyone can benefit from revitalization and move forward.

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"I think the corporate folks who are in the city need to have more involvement in the city, other than sponsoring a jazz festival, they need to sponsor a youth program or a church program, so we can all kind of work together. In my goal is there's no Browntown, there's no downtown, there's one town...we're all working together."

Kelley says taking care of Wilmington residents has the same importance as making sure people from outside the city take advantage of downtown and the riverfront.

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