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By Mark Fowser 8:56pm, June 10, 2012 - Updated 5:30am, June 12, 2012
Robert Bovell
A bail bondsman who is making another run for mayor of Wilmington says he's got some bold approaches to solving some of the city's challenges.

WDEL's ElectionWatch series, Conversations With the Candidates, continues with Robert Bovell.

Bovell tells WDEL's Allan Loudell that he would utilize vacant property as a way to generate much-needed revenue for the city. Also, he would cut the spending of every city department by 5%.

"I believe if we look into our budget, we're going to find overspending, ridiculous spending, over-spending, areas where we probably have double-dipping," Bovell says.

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Bovell would also like to see more of an effort to make sure jobs in the city, including those at the riverfront, are going to city residents.

"Start with Wilmingtonians - start at home," Bovell says.

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Bovell is part of a crowded field of Democratic candidates for mayor who will square off in the September primary.

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