State Dems file FEC complaint Pires

By Frank Gerace 7:50pm, October 11, 2012 - Updated 9:41am, October 12, 2012
The state Democratic Party has filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against Independent Party of Delaware US Senate candidate Alex Pires, prompting the Massachusetts native to make allegations against Senator Carper.

The complaint alleges Pires used employees and other resources at bars, nightclubs and restaurants he owns to campaign for him during working hours, and that materials released by his campaign don't contain legally-mandated disclaimers.

The complaint also claims Pires regularly missed court deadlines for filing claims when he worked as a class-action attorney in DC.

Pires' campaign responded to the complaint with an e-mail claiming Senator Carper abused his wives and is lying about serving in Vietnam while in the Navy--Pires also claims the complaint is entirely based on his giving chicken from Jimmy's Grill to three elderly ladies.

Carper spokesman Ian Sams calls Pires' charges "despicable and outrageous."

Carper and Pires will face Republican Kevin Wade in the election November 6th.

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