Carney, local Democrats react to Biden's debate performance

By Tom Lehman 2:14am, October 12, 2012 - Updated 2:41am, October 12, 2012
The Vice President got good reviews from local supporters who watched last night's debate.

Among those who were focused on the debate was Congressman John Carney, who hosted a debate watching event in Newark and says he thought Biden was effective in challenging GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

"I think the biggest thing, particularly in comparison to the presidential debate, was that he really challenged the claims of the Romney-Ryan ticket," Carney says.

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The congressman thought Biden was most effective when debating Ryan over issues surrounding Social Security, Medicare and foreign policy.

"I think if you looked at it objectively, you saw a really strong performance from the Vice President," he says.

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Among the dozens in attendance was Stephen Burke of Hockessin, who says he thought Biden performed well by focusing on facts.

"The Vice President talked about specific issues, facts, figures as well as President Obama did," he says.

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Sean DiChricio of Wilmington says he thought Biden's debate performance would rally Democrats as next week's presidential debate approaches.

"Biden gave facts...he was great. He made me want to go out and vote right now," he says.

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Biden spent time in Wilmington during the days leading up to the debate.

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