State GOP says rumors of Camden Rep's death are false

By Frank Gerace 5:21pm, October 16, 2012 - Updated 12:17pm, October 17, 2012
State Representative Don Blakey (R-Camden)
Delaware's Republican Party says rumors of State Representative Don Blakey's death are greatly exaggerated.

The GOP said in a statement Tuesday that a rumor arose last week that Blakey, who represents Camden, had died of a heart attack while driving, and another rumor sprung up Monday night that he'd passed away from the same cause at his home, but Blakey is very much alive.

State House Minority Leader Greg Lavelle says in the age of the Internet and cell phones, rumors can start and spread quickly.

Blakey faces Democrat Theodore Yacucci and Independent Party candidate Douglas Beatty in the election November 6th.

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