Advocate for crime victims wins Spirit of Advocacy Award

By Mellany Armstrong 9:22am, October 25, 2012
An advocate for victims of crime is honored for her work.

The Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence is honoring Stephanie Hamilton with its Spirit of Advocacy Award. She is currently the Victim Services Coordinator of the Wilmington Police Department Victims' Services Unit.

"When someone has been victimized, they're put in a very vulnerable place. It's usually something that they have not experienced before. It's a world that they're unfamiliar with. And then my role is to go in at that time of crisis and make sure they have support," she said.

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Hamilton spent the last 10 years as the domestic violence coordinator in the unit, and says the number of calls for help has not dropped.

"I'm always worried that there isn't more outrage by the community, that there's violence witnessed by children, that there's violence in people's homes, that it's not safe to go home," she said.

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She says it's important to teach children.

"We need to educate about what healthy relationships are, so that they know what a good relationship is," Hamilton said.

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She praises the coalition.

"They are definitely in the forefront of domestic violence work, both in Delaware and the nation, and for them to be giving me this award means so much," she said.

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