Red Cross of Delmarva: Prepare your emergency kit now

By Amy Cherry 4:12pm, October 26, 2012 - Updated 5:54pm, October 28, 2012
Red Cross shelters are open up and down the state, but if you're not using one, you still need to be prepared.

American Red Cross of Delmarva CEO Pat Delaney says you should be getting your emergency preparedness kit ready, and it should include...

"An adequate water supply of one gallon of water per day per person, non-refrigerated food that could be eaten as is, or eaten cold, not requiring cooking; if you're having canned goods, being sure that you have a manual can opener, battery-operated flashlights and radios so you can continue to stay informed, and ensuring you have all your prescriptions," says Delaney.

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He says they're also prepared to use resources from the national Red Cross for any prolonged shelter needs.

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