AccuWeather: Sandy inevitably will be damaging, disrupting storm

By Frank Gerace 6:04pm, October 26, 2012 - Updated 6:31pm, October 26, 2012
(Courtesy of AccuWeather)
AccuWeather says Sandy promises to cause major problems all over the Mid-Atlantic region Monday into Tuesday.

Meteorologist Doctor Joe Sobel tells WDEL News the potential "Frankenstorm" will make an ominous transformation as it approaches the U.S.

"You know, in a true hurricane, the damage is concentrated to a very small area near the center, but as this storm transitions to a regular-type American low-pressure area, more of a Nor'easter, the wind field will spread out, and the rain pattern will spread out."

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Sobel says that means the possibility of heavy flooding over an area from Virginia to southern New England.

Stay tuned to WDEL for the latest on Sandy from AccuWeather, along with TrafficWatch and StormWatch updates.

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