Markell: No state of emergency in Del. yet

By Amy Cherry 6:29pm, October 26, 2012
Gov. Markell (File)
Governor Markell holds off on declaring a State of Emergency despite decisions from neighboring states to do so.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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"That you live in an area where flooding has occurred before, you need to be prepared to leave."

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But Governor Markell isn't asking you to leave right now, not just yet because he says a state of emergency can have a devastating impact on people's lives and businesses.

"We only want to be in one when it's necessary, and so should we declare one, you can be certain that it's because it's necessary," says Markell.

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You can expect any decisions on a state of emergency, mandatory evacuations, and any driving bans Saturday, and Markell advises you to use these next two days wisely.

"Everybody else ought to be prepared to remain in their home for a few days, and that's possibly without power. Now tonight and Saturday are the days to hope for the best, but to get prepared for the worst," says Markell.

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Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia have all already declared states of emergency.

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