State of Emergency in Wilm; Mandatory evacuation of SE Wilm

By Amy Cherry 2:59pm, October 27, 2012 - Updated 4:43pm, October 27, 2012
Mayor Baker has declared a State of Emergency in Wilmington.

The city's southeast section is under a mandatory evacuation order starting at noon tomorrow.

That means the 3,000 people, who live in that flood plain, the stretch of the city bounded by Vandever Avenue, Northeast Boulevard, Church Street, Front Street, and South Market Street, must find somewhere else to go.

The area is further bounded to the south of the city line including just past the South Market Street Bridge and the Delaware River to the east.

If you can't stay with friends or family, the mayor's Deputy Chief of Staff, John Rago, tells WDEL you have one other option.

"We do expect people to move to the shelter that is being set up at the William Penn High School

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. Now those that do not have a way, any transportation to the shelter, the city will provide transportation.

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Shuttle buses will run from 12pm-6pm Sunday. You can call 302.576.2489 starting at 9am Sunday to schedule a pickup.

Wilmington Police will be patrolling neighborhoods within the mandatory evacuation zone to ensure your property is safe, but Rago warns residents...

"If residents in the southeastern portion of the city choose to stay in their homes, that is their choice. If the storm is as bad as predicted, we may not be able to get emergency services to them," says Rago.

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The mayor's State of Emergency declaration does not, at this time, affect any business or government closings in the City nor does it ban travel.

If you're not sure whether you live in the mandatory evacuation zone, click here to see a map.

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