Heavy rain, wind coming our way with Sandy

By Jim Hilgen 10:25am, October 28, 2012 - Updated 1:03pm, October 28, 2012
Hurricane Sandy is already being felt in the region as rain from the storm's outer bands has begun falling.

AccuWeather meteorologist Danielle Knittle says the first taste of Sandy's power comes this evening as wind begin gusting around 30 miles per hour.

"We're looking at winds gusting anywhere common 62 up to 80 miles per hour in the area so that will certainly give us those hurricane gusts here through Tuesday," says Knittle.

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She says the regardless of whether Sandy remains a hurricane, this is going to be a bad storm.

"Those winds will only be increasing from there as we do progress into this evening and into tonight along with the rain. The worst of it still looks to be targeting the area as we work our way through the day tomorrow and tomorrow night," Knittle says.

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Knittle says some areas could see as much as 12 inches of rain, so flooding is a major concern.

Governor Markell has declared a limited state of emergency and ordered the evacuation of the state's coastal areas.

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