Sandy: Hurricane or Storm? The answer could affect your insurance

By Peter MacArthur 11:34am, October 31, 2012 - Updated 2:05pm, October 31, 2012
If you suffered losses in Hurricane Sandy, there may be a lot riding on how weather experts view that superstorm in terms of your insurance.

Frank Varone with Varone Insurance in Wilmington says depending on whether Sandy is categorized as a storm or a hurricane may cost you more to have your damages repaired.

"Whatever the National Weather Service in Delaware determines, that it's either a hurricane or a storm will make that determination. If it's deemed a hurricane, a hurricane deductible will apply, which could be pretty heavy, it could be two percent of the value of the property. On the other hand, if it's a normal deductible

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then the $250, $500 or thousand dollar deductible will apply."

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Varone says it does appear that changes in climate are bringing more extreme weather patterns and as losses mount from events like this, it may be a factor that raises your premiums in the future.

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