Sandy won't stop Punkin' Chunkin'

By Mark Fowser 10:49am, November 1, 2012
Just days after Sandy, thousands are arriving for the start of Sussex County's tradition known as Punkin' Chunkin.'

But the storm has altered the schedule for the weekend event in Bridgeville.

Punkin' Chunkin's Frank Shade says while there will be no flinging of the pumpkins Friday, there's still a lot to see and enjoy.

"Machines will be setting up, the vendors will be there. Actually, because we have so many people coming in with their campers for the weekend, we're going to go ahead and have the entertainment on the stage. The bands that are booked for Friday night are going to perform. We're going to have some great entertainment there, and it will give people that are in the area an opportunity to stop by and enjoy themselves," says Shade.

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The rockets, catapults, rifles and slingshots will be firing pumpkins starting Saturday at Punkin' Chunkin.'

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