Candidates for House, Senate debate in final days before election

By Amy Cherry 3:02pm, November 1, 2012 - Updated 4:28pm, November 1, 2012
Watch the candidates debate the government's role in infrastructure improvements.
Candidates for House and Senate seats in Delaware participate in a debate, hosted by the Wilmington Rotary Club at the Hotel du Pont in the days leading up to the general election.

The debate aired lived on WDEL, and WDEL's Amy Cherry was there.

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Independent candidate Alex Pires dropped out of the debate at the last second, citing Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

The nation watched as our infrastructure in New York and New Jersey crumbled under the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. So what's the government's role in aging infrastructure.

Senator Carper says our decaying highways desperately need help.

"It needs to be replaced. Among the ways to do that is to actually pay for it, to pay for it through user fees, and that's a debate we need to have," says Senator Carper.

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His opponent Kevin Wade says with $16 trillion in debt, we can't afford to improve our infrastructure.

"We won't be able to pay for infrastructure if we have to borrow 40 cents of every dollar. It can't continue. Never before in this nation's history has one generation deprived the next generation of a good American life," says Wade.

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Congressional candidates for Delaware's House seat also debated the same issue.

Republican candidate Tom Kovach says government definitely plays a role in directing some short-term resources to infrastructure improvement.

"It can indeed take the pressure off the job market to improve our infrastructure. It improves the quality of life; it puts people temporarily back to work till the jobs sector and the climate recovers

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Incumbent Democrat John Carney says the key to infrastructure improvement is in a balanced fiscal plan that reduces the deficit.

"The deficiencies that we have un ports, roads, bridges, it has to fit into a fiscal plan. Without that fiscal plan, we don't have anything," says Carney.

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The candidates also got in a heated debate over contraception under the Affordable Care Act.

Watch the candidates debate on alternative energy.

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