Car history-reporting service has post-Sandy used car-buying tips

By Frank Gerace 2:26am, November 2, 2012 - Updated 1:21pm, November 2, 2012
A vehicle history-reporting service is out with tips designed to keep you from getting soaked by buying a flood-damaged used car.

Chris Basso with Carfax tells WDEL News you should take the car for a test drive, but before and after you do, look for signs of flood damage.

"Like rusted bolts and seat rails on the floorbed of the vehicle--Check underneath the dashboard for the wires. Water will crack and make wires brittle."

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Basso says you should also look for things like condensation in the instrument panel and around the windows, and before you buy any car, have it examined by a mechanic you trust.

To check whether flood damage has been reported for a specific car using the VIN, go to, free of charge.

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