DELDOT: SR1 near IR Bridge to re-open Sunday morning

By Frank Gerace 4:05pm, November 2, 2012 - Updated 5:46pm, November 2, 2012
DELDOT Secretary Shailen Bhatt says State Route 1 near the Indian River Bridge will re-open Sunday morning.

In a Friday afternoon conference call, Bhat added that despite some faked pictures that appeared on the web suggesting otherwise, the span itself was never at risk.

"The bridge was built to withstand storm energy far in excess of what we experienced this past week--just as an update also, on Prime Hook Road, DELDOT crews began working on repairing the road yesterday (Thurs) at 9 AM--we're hopeful that the road can be re-opened sometime tomorrow (Sat)."

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Bhatt said until Prime Hook Road does re-open Saturday morning, residents will have emergency access to the area, using alternate routes.

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