Katz and Lavelle trade insults on WDEL

By Amy Cherry/Rick Jensen 5:09pm, November 2, 2012
Watch Katz and Lavelle debate on WDEL.
The race for state Senate's 4th District rears its ugly head as negative campaigning takes over.

The two candidates talk about it in a debate on the Rick Jensen Show, heard live on WDEL.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has a recap.

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You've heard the ads featuring Mike Katz's wife.

"I'll never forget the day when my husband and my two daughters nearly lost their lives. I'll also never forget the day Greg Lavelle turned it into a political issue," says Katz's wife in the ad.

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And Republican Greg Lavelle fired back.

"What happens when politicians like Mike Katz get caught lying? They lie some more. Katz is trying to blame his attendance record on an accident, but official state records prove in 2012, long after his accident, Katz missed over 50-percent of the meetings he takes a big taxpayer-paid stipend to attend," says the Lavelle-sponsored advertisement.

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Lavelle says Democrat Katz is never in Dover.

"You missed 54 percent of your meetings in 2012. In the three-and-a-half months following your accident, you missed on meeting, and that was in January," says Lavelle.

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Katz cites ongoing health issues from a ski accident in 2011. He claims attack ads don't benefit the community, and apparently doesn't consider his ads negative.

"It's a factual ad. I mean there's a difference between negative, attacking people's names like Dr. Katz and Mr. Hyde or questioning my integrity," says Katz.

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