Nor'easter to tear up Sandy-ravaged coast

By Amy Cherry 5:14pm, November 5, 2012 - Updated 6:04pm, November 5, 2012
Weather for Election Day will be fine, but after that a nor'easter is coming our way, affecting the same areas hit by superstorm Sandy.

AccuWeather meteorologist Joe Sobel tells WDEL the storm is developing along the Carolina coast and will move northward up the coast as a very strong storm Wednesday into Thursday.

"A lot of the beaches have been damaged or compromised, and a lot of trees have been damaged and weakened. So we are concerned, wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour just about anywhere and maybe 60 miles per hour on the coast, and that's certainly going to aggravate flooding problems," says Sobel.

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When you wake up Wednesday, it will be raining with the storm lasting the day into Thursday. This storm will likely bring snow with it too, but it won't be nearly as bad as Sandy.

"This is going to be moving up parallel to the coast offshore, and so we're not going to get any kind of a landfall or anything like that. The wind will be out of the northeast and north so the northeast wind can still pile up the water at the shore, but we're certainly not going to have the kinds of tides that we had with Sandy," Sobel says.

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We could also see more power outages.

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