Denn re-elected Lt. Gov.

By Jim Hilgen 1:48am, November 7, 2012 - Updated 2:11am, November 7, 2012
Matt Denn defeats Sher Valenzuela to remain Delaware's Lieutenant Governor.

WDEL's Jim Hilgen reports.

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With more than 60% of the vote Denn, the incumbent Democrat, easily retained his office.

He says there's still a lot of work to be done.

"We will not rest until every person who wants to work, can work. And we will not rest until every child in this state has an opportunity to fulfill his , or her, dreams."

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Following a respectable showing in her initial foray as a candidate for office, Republican Sher Valenzuela says she's staying involved in making Delaware a better place.

"And we're not waiting until the next campaign to roll up our sleeves and address the issue of safety on our streets, crime control or economic development."

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Valenzuela adds that while Delaware Republicans may have lost the quest to lead the state, they'll be closely watching the performance of state leaders, and ready to create the change the people need..

"By continuing to move that dial, move over, watch balance invade the status quo, because it started before this, but it continues now. The book continues to be read, the final chapter's to be added"

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VIDEO: Sher Valenzuela gives her Concession Speech at GOP Headquarters in Dover.

Heading into his second term, Denn says he still believes in hope.

"I am determined that my 7 year-old boys will walk with their children down the streets of neighborhoods just blocks from here, which are still burdened with too much violence, and too little hope, and things will be different."

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Denn says after emerging from the latest recession Delaware will be a better place.

"We continue to believe in our hearts that like every generation of Americans that has endured hardship, we will emerge stronger and better. It will not be easy, and it may not be quick."

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Republican challenger Sher Valenzuela says her campaign helped instill a new way of thinking in state government.

"The idea of what we deliver to Delaware isn't based on what is necessarily received in terms of a vote, it is what is absolutely necessary in order to restore balance."

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Denn says Delaware is working its way out of the latest recession, in part because of the work of Governor Markell.

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