Tip leads to 2 arrests in city shooting

By Don Voltz/Frank Gerace 9:41pm, November 8, 2012
Wilmington Police say two suspects are in custody after a shooting on Northeast Boulevard around 11 Thursday morning.

Police say the shooting took place near the Thunderguards headquarters in the 1 thousand block of Vandever Avenue.

Police received a report of a black Ford Crown Victoria in the area at the time and saw the car in the Browntown area.

The car took off, heading to southbound I-95 from the Jackson Street on-ramp, where one of the suspects, Troy Dixon, threw away a gun and jumped out of the car. Police quickly arrested him.

The driver of the car, Zaire Cephas, who police say is a convicted felon, continued down into the Churchman's Marsh area where he ditched the car. Officers quickly arrested him as well.

The victim is in stable condition at Wilmington Hospital with a wound to his neck--Cephas and Dixon, at last check, were awaiting arraignment.

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