Coons proposal may make for better voting

By Jim Hilgen 9:00pm, November 16, 2012 - Updated 10:45am, November 17, 2012
Sen. Chris Coons (File)
Senator Chris Coons is hoping he's found a way to improve the process of voting.

Coons says reports of voters waiting six or more hours to vote led him to try to find a better way.

He's doing that with a measure that would offer some financial incentives.

"That would be given to those states that show the greatest promise of improving early voting, absentee voting, days of voting, accessibility of registration and opportunities for preparation for natural disasters."

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Coons says this is really the only way the federal government can hope to influence how the states manage elections.

Coons' measure offers challenge grants to states, similar to Race to the Top, for election processes.

"It's a way to encourage and incentivize states around the country to make policy changes, to review and sort of audit what sort of happened in this most recent election. And then to invest in making significant improvements before the next election."

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Coons hopes to avoid another election in which the public is not sure of the final outcome for several days.

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