Markell on small business support

By Jim Hilgen 5:58am, November 18, 2012 - Updated 6:50am, November 18, 2012
Governor Jack Markell says small businesses are the promise and hope of America.

In his weekly speech, broadcast on WDEL, the governor cited three businesses getting help to launch their dreams in a special way.

"These entrepreneurs will have the chance to test their startup for three months, with an eye toward establishing longer term success. This gives small business owners a chance to target new customers in downtown areas."

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Markell says these small businesses will help strengthen their communities, and revive the state's economy, and a state program is helping.

He says these "pop-ups" will have a chance to test their model for three months, adding the holiday season may give these entrepreneurs a leg up.

"When these small businesses draw customers it's a win for the business, for the people who patronize them and for the properties that otherwise might go vacant. It takes creative cooperation to make it happen."

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Markell says town like Milford, Middletown and Wilmington will benefit as more small businesses "pop up" and thrive.

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