Patients file suit against Newark doc charged with sexual assault

By Amy Cherry 12:51pm, November 19, 2012 - Updated 9:52am, November 20, 2012
Attorney Raeann Warner speaks on behalf of her clients, alleged victims of Dr. Leroy.
A Newark doctor who's out on bail on charges of sexual misconduct now faces a civil lawsuit from two alleged victims.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has more.

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Her face mostly hidden by a scarf, 26-year-old Amanda Bendler was too embarrassed to speak about what happened in March of last year.
Her attorney Raeann Warner says Amanda and her mother Carla Pennington were both sexually assaulted by Dr. Pierre Leroy.

"They were going in for treatment for pain management or to check a rash on a body part that had nothing to do with their private areas," says Warner.

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Warner says both patients vulnerable with a traumatic history that Leroy pinpointed through intense mental health questioning.

"During both women's appointments, Dr. Leroy asked them to remove their clothing, walk up and down the treatment room, bend over in front of him, and touch their private areas," Warner claims.

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Warner says the assault also went further.

"He also grabbed Carla's breast and kissed her," says Warner.

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The 84-year-old doctor was arrested in May and had his license suspended after being charged with 20 counts of sexual misconduct involving six patients though Warner says Pennington and Bendler haven't yet gone to the police with their claims.

Leroy was also barred from treating female patients without another female professional present due to similar complaints in 1994.

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