A.I. grad makes move to enter Wesley's starting lineup

By Sean Greene 6:28pm, November 21, 2012 - Updated 6:31pm, November 21, 2012
VIDEO: Sean Greene speaks with Devin Filliben
Wesley lineman Devin Filliben says he chose playing time over his favored position when he switched to the offensive line last month.

The A.I. DuPont alum was approached by head coach Mike Drass prior to the Apprentice game asking if he'd be willing to move to the offense to take advantage of his physical skills. The freshman, who played two-ways in high school, says he caught Drass' eye with his strong blocking in the punt game and eventually edged original starter Alex Niezgoda for the job.

Filliben had been part of a deep rotation on the defensive line, but coach Drass felt like he "wasn't getting enough time" and says Devin brings a "toughness, and will finish the play" to the line. Drass emphasized it is an on-going tight battle between the two at the guard position.

Filliben joins right tackle Temi Adebayo as an all-freshman right side of the line not only protecting quarterback Justin Sottilare, but also opening holes for the running game. Tailback Askia Jahad scored Wesley's first touchdown against Mount Ida by running on all 4 plays of a 30-yard drive.

The Wolverines face off with New Jersey Athletic Conference champion Cortland State Saturday at noon in Miller Stadium. Wesley defeated Mount Ida 73-14 in the opening round while Cortland edged Framingham State 20-19.

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