Carper, Coons weigh in on "fiscal cliff"

By Frank Gerace 6:12pm, November 29, 2012
Senators Carper and Coons weighed in Thursday on Congressional efforts to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff."

Speaking on WDEL's Rick Jensen Show Thursday, Coons said President Obama will stand firm in calling for tax hikes in exchange for spending cuts.

"What he's publicly announced is that he's expecting no less than one-point-six trillion over the next decade in new revenue, and if that's put on the table, he will put a comparable amount of spending cuts on the table."

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Carper told Delaware's Afternoon News Republicans have to find a way to support some tax increases.

"Whether it be nearer tax rates for income above a certain level, or whether it be eliminating deductions and credits."

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Carper also called on his colleagues to reform the healthcare system to save money and keep Medicare and Medicaid in place.

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