Markell, Governors to Obama: Do something

By Chris Carl 12:49pm, December 4, 2012 - Updated 1:16pm, December 4, 2012
President Obama, flanked by Gov. Markell and Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, meets with the National Governors Association executive committee regarding the fiscal cliff. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)
Governor Markell was among a group of state governors who met with President Obama Tuesday morning, and concerns about the fiscal cliff dominated the discussion.

The bipartisan group of governors delivered a unified message to the President - the states want action.

Markell, who chairs the National Governors Association, said the governors didn't endorse either the president's proposal to raise taxes on wealthier Americans or Republican proposals to raise revenue by closing tax loopholes and deductions....they just want something done and the uncertainty ended.

"What people are concerned about is the uncertainty that the current state of the debate represents in terms to businesses and individuals across the country," Markell said afterward.

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The governors say uncertainty is hurting the economy, and they're worried how automatic spending cuts will hurt their budgets.

"All of us, it doesn't matter our party...we all look forward to business investment, to more hiring and the like. And, so, the sooner that this gets resolved...and we believe the sooner this gets resolved in a way that's not going to be a three-month fix but a fix for some longer period of time, then the better off we'll be," Markell said.

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The governors also want flexibility from the federal government on mandated programs to allow them to do more with less.

The Associated Press and CBS News contributed to this report.

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