Incoming Wilm. Police Chief appears on WDEL

By Amy Cherry/Rick Jensen/Carl Kane 4:36pm, December 10, 2012 - Updated 4:46pm, December 10, 2012
Watch Mayor-elect Dennis Williams and his pick for police chief Captain Christine Dunning on WDEL's Rick Jensen show.
Just days after he named his new police chief, Mayor-elect Dennis Williams is taking the wraps off a new policing plan that involves a more proactive presence.

He appeared alongside his pick for police chief Captain Christine Dunning on WDEL's Rick Jensen Show.

"We are going to beef up patrol division, and we're going to look at specialized divisions, which we don't need, and we will start looking at civilianizing jobs in the department, but we're going to put more people in the patrol division. That's where the bulk of the manpower should be because the calls for service are there," says Williams, who refused to name any departments he's targeting for cuts.

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Dunning says true community policing will be key. Come next year, she says, you'll see a lot more familiar faces in your neighborhood with more officers getting out of their squad cars and walking the beat.

"Getting down, actually, very high increased presence walking the area or sometimes you can cover a lot more on bicycles. Knowing that the community wants and what they're looking for, but it's building a rapport with the community that they'll pick up that phone, let you know when something's about to happen," says Dunning.

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Dunning replacing Chief Mike Szczerba though she's not officially police chief until Williams takes office on January 8, 2013.

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