Financial counseling program expanded to Sussex

By Mark Fowser 2:31pm, December 11, 2012 - Updated 3:05pm, December 11, 2012
Free one-on-one financial coaching will now be offered to residents of Sussex County.

They're partnering with $tandy By Me, a program that was first launched in Newark last year.

Delaware Health and Social Services Financial Empowerment Director Mary DuPont says the $tand by Me partnership helps people avoid financial peril and offers alternatives and advice on such issues as affording higher education.

"We also have a focus on post-secondary that includes financial planning for post-secondary, access to financial aid, and managing student loan debt," says DuPont.

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The free financial coaching through $tand by Me is also offered at Delaware Tech, the West End Neighborhood House, and the Claymont Community Center.

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