Lawsuit: Newark man sexually abused by Boy Scout leader

By Peter MacArthur 11:35am, December 12, 2012 - Updated 4:18pm, December 12, 2012
A lawsuit filed in Philadelphia is aimed at the Boy Scouts and the agency's so-called perversion file.

28-year-old Mel Novack of Newark says he was sexually assaulted at the age of 14 by Chester County Scout Leader Vance Hein, someone he had known and trusted all his life.

"My childhood just fell apart, I guess you could classify me as a quitter. I never finished anything after that that I started...I never finished college, never finished high school. I became a substance abuser from the age of 15 until about 21."

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Novack's attorney Stewart Eisenberg says Hein was appointed a Scout Leader in Chester County after serving in the same role in California. He says Hein is serving time now on child porn counts.

"Mr. Hein was convicted or pled guilty to this sexual abuse in 1999, and has recently, within the last three or four months, been convicted for violating his probation for that offense. He is now serving 15 to 30 years in Graterford Prison."

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Eisenberg says the suit also names the Mormon Church which has had a long running partnership with the Boy Scouts.

Novack says in light of the revelations of the secret files Boy Scouts kept about alleged sexual offenders in their ranks, he wishes he had spoken out sooner.

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