Griffiths, Kelley, Ignudo serve at final Wilmington City Council meeting

By Tom Lehman 2:03am, December 14, 2012
Wilmington City Council honors Council President Norman Griffiths and Councilmen Kevin Kelley and Paul Ignudo
Three members of Wilmington City Council served their final meeting as the group convened for the last time in 2012.

City Council President Norman Griffiths and Councilmen Kevin Kelley and Paul Ignudo said farewell as they attended their final meetings before a council including six new members takes over next year.

Griffiths and Kelley finish as five-term members of council as both were first elected in 1992 to represent the second and sixth districts respectively.

After he was honored by a resolution recognizing his 20 years of service with the group, the outgoing president noted that significant change had occurred since he initially took office.

"It was just a labor of love to go in and try and support our city and I hope I've been successful in doing that," Griffiths says.

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Griffiths cited examples of significant issues the 105th council session faced, specifically identifying the city's budget, redistricting, franchise agreement with Comcast and turnover of council members before the end of year.

He'll be replaced by Theo Gregory as the council's president in January.

Kelley leaves after a failed election bid for Mayor of Wilmington--he lost in the Democratic primary to eventual Mayor-Elect, Dennis P. Williams.

However, he remained positive during his final meeting.

"You know it's been a pleasure to serve. I'm just a kid from Browntown who was able just to make it in life. It was a fun ride Some things you win and you lose and I told my kids. It's better to have played the game and lost than never played the game," Kelley says.

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He told the ten remaining members of council that they should focus on the city's youth and education.

"Getting more kids to go to the University of Delaware and Del Tech and improving the quality of their life is what it's all about. If they fail, we fail," he says.

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Kelley, who ran unopposed for the 6th district's seat during four elections, will be replaced by Sherry Dorsey-Walker.

Ignudo, who was first elected in 2004 cited a lack of time with his family as a major reason why he decided not to run for a third term.

The two-term councilman says he believe the city has benefited from the contributions of the council during the last eight years.

"Walking around it's a better city in my opinion, and I think we've all had an impact and we've all had our fingerprints in our various city," he says.

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Ignudo will be replaced by Robert Williams when the council resumes session early next year.

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