Carper, Carney on "fiscal cliff" deal

By Frank Gerace 7:25pm, January 2, 2013
Senator Carper and Congressman Carney aren't huge fans of the fiscal cliff deal that passed both houses of Congress.

Carper tells WDEL News he voted against the legislation at his first opportunity, because in his opinion, it doesn't go far enough to reform entitlement programs or raise taxes.

"I didn't know if I'd be the only person who voted for it, or the 50th person, or 51st person, to vote against it. I just thought this is not the thing that I could feel comfortable in supporting at this point."

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Carney agrees with Carper, but says passing the stopgap measure was important.

"It was not as big as we needed it to be--not enough deficit and debt reduction, but we lived to fight another day. The very good part about it was that it did help us avoid some of the negative impacts it would have had on the economy if we had gone over the cliff."

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Carney says the bill approved in the House Tuesday night will give Congress time to debate the best way to responsibly raise taxes and cut spending.

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