Pacem in Terris calls for tighter gun control laws

By Tom Lehman 1:40am, January 4, 2013 - Updated 2:46pm, January 4, 2013
Rev. Bruce Gillette & State Rep. Paul Baumbach (D-Newark South)
A local organization that promotes non-violence is calling on state lawmakers to tighten gun laws and restrictions in light of the recent violence in Connecticut and Wilmington.

Rev. Bruce Gillette, a board member with Pacem in Terris and co-pastor of Limestone Presbyterian Church, says the deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary School have sparked Delawareans to ask the state legislature to adopt new laws on gun control.

"Ever since the tragic shooting in Connecticut there is a growing concern in the American public that we have gone too far in not having proper, common-sense legislation relating to guns," he says.

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The group held a meeting attended by 130 people at a Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington Thursday night, with the goal of discussing ideas of how to decrease gun violence both on the national and state level, as part of its Delaware Campaign for Gun Sanity.

Gillette says both sides of the gun control debate should be part of the discussion on new gun control legislation.

"Republicans, Democrats, NRA members want to see us do better," he says.

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Many of those who participated say the state should ban assault weapons, large capacity magazine and place more restrictions on firearms sold at gun shows...among them was State Rep. Paul Baumbach (D--Newark).

Baumbach says educating children about gun violence needs to be a priority, especially in light of violence portrayed in video games.

"We need to work on our children, making sure that we explain to them the reality of gun violence, and the reality of...'this is not a game, this is life and life can end,'" he says.

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Gillette says the group would like to see more education regarding the impact of gun violence within Delaware communities.

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