Del. Hispanic Commission speaks out on conflicting Milford signs

By Amy Cherry 1:26pm, January 9, 2013 - Updated 1:28pm, January 9, 2013
The Delaware Hispanic Commission is concerned about the impact conflicting signs at a Milford School have had on the Hispanic community.

They're thanking and commending Dr. Phyllis Kohel, Superintendent of the Milford School District, for her prompt removal of the signs at LuLu Ross Elementary School.

The Spanish signs at the school playground read completely different from the English sign. English signs said that use of the playground is at your own risk while the Spanish signs indicated permission was required and violators could face arrest.

In a statement, the DHC says it looks forward to working with the Milford School District to avoid these types of situations in the future so they can work towards establishing a positive relationship with the Hispanic community.

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