Attorney General Biden weighs in on gun control

By Michelle Provencher 10:26pm, January 16, 2013 - Updated 10:29pm, January 16, 2013
Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden took part in the weapon control debate on WDEL following President Obama's legislation to curb gun violence.

Biden said he likes the President's approach to this multi-faceted problem.

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"It deals with mass violence, and the tragedy we saw in Connecticut. It deals with studying, for instance, whether or not things that our children see on screens, whether it be gaming on Playstation or in the theaters. And whether or not that has an impact on children's propensity for violence. As well as the mental health issue."

Biden said disagreements on the issue are inevitable, but after the recent rash of school shootings, something must be done.

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"There's some parts of this that are going to be an uphill battle, both in Dover and in Washington. But, look, the American people and Delawareans are demanding action."

One thing to be agreed upon is universal background checks.

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"Seventy percent of NRA members support that. So this is a common sense approach."

Curbing gun violence is an issue even in Delaware. Biden said the state should consider making it more difficult for people with mental illness to attain a weapon.

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