Senate supports new port bill

By Michelle Provencher 11:20pm, January 16, 2013
The bill giving lawmakers a hand in deals between the Port of Wilmington and private companies has made it's way through the Senate, it's next stop is the House of Representatives.

Democratic Senator Bobby Marshall sponsors the measure, he says he hopes for quick approval in the House.

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"I'm very pleased, and have a great deal of gratitude to my colleagues that joined me in support of protecting jobs and protecting a tax-payer's asset, the Port of Wilmington. I would hope that the House leaderships acts on the bill promptly so the Governor can have it on his desk."

The senators approved the bill in an 11-to-9 vote Wednesday.

Delaware Riverkeeper Maya Van Rossum praised Marshall for his efforts.

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"The Governor has often spoke of his commitment to transparency and to including the citizens in decision-making, in terms of allowing them to see the elements of a deal before it's finally struck. So, I would be very surprised if the Governor rejected this. And I would be extremely disappointed."

Houston-based energy company Kinder Morgan has been in talks with the port to take over business operations. Critics of the new legislation say, for this reason, the senate should have held off on any action.

Delaware has run the port since the mid 90's through the Diamond State Port Corporation.

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