Biden for President?

By Chris Carl 1:15pm, January 23, 2013
Washington is buzzing about the possibility of Delaware's Joe Biden running for President in 2016.

Craig Gordon, Managing Editor at, points to a party Biden hosted over the weekend. The guest list included 200 Democratic insiders, including those from early primary states like New Hampshire and Iowa.

"Several people who we talked to who were at that party came away with the unmistakable impression that Biden was definitely thinking seriously about a 2016 run," Gordon tells WDEL.

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Gordon says Biden has been putting himself in a good position to run.

"He negotiated the Bush tax cut thing in 2010. He negotiated the fiscal cliff deal on New Year's Eve. He was the guy spearheading (Pres. Obama's) gun stuff. He pushed Pres. Obama toward a more firm standing on gay marriage. So, it's pretty hard not to see that they guy has actually has been a real force inside this White House," Gordon says.

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Also working in Biden's favor: a week Democratic field of candidates; although Gordon says Biden won't run if Hillary Rodham Clinton decides to.

"I don't think either is going to step aside for the other lightly, but I do think Hillary is definitely feeling there's a lot of feeling in the party that she is "owed" a shot at The White House. Pretty hard for Joe Biden to be the guy to stop that," Gordon says.

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