House OKs gambling by fraternal groups, for now

By Randall Chase, The Associated Pr 12:06am, January 24, 2013
The state House has approved a bill fast-tracked by the Markell administration bowing to complaints from fraternal organization and veterans groups who were told to stop operating illegal slot machines.

The bill approved Wednesday on a 34-to-1 vote allows the groups to resume slot machine gambling until June 30 while lawmakers work on a permanent measure allowing the groups to offer legal gambling.

Veterans groups and fraternal organizations such as the Moose and Elks complained after receiving cease-and-desist letters from the Markell administration in November reminding them that they were violating the law by operating the slot machines.

In response, the administration began talks to assuage the politically active veterans groups and fraternal organizations, while continuing to crack down on other Delawareans engaged in similar activities.

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