Phillies 3rd Baseman visits duPont Hospital

By Carl Kanefsky 2:58pm, January 25, 2013
A special guest at the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, was a big hit Friday.

WDEL's Carl Kanefsky has the story.

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Red and white decorated the hospital, as Phillies 3rd baseman Kevin Frandsen stopped by to say hello to patients, and also face some tough questions.

Before the morning turned to autographs and pictures, Frandsen was grilled by a panel of patients.

Spencer Ashford's favorite sport is basketball, but he liked the chance to meet a Phillie.

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"It was really cool just to meet someone famous and to talk to them."

Frandsen says visits like this help keep things in perspective.

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"Baseball's easy. There are things people are always dealing with...illnesses and tragedies and all that stuff. What we do is fun, and hopefully what we do is fun, and hopefully what we do gives people a break from a little bit of suffering, a little bit of a pain. We know it's not going to take it away all the time, but we just hope that coming in here takes away a little bit of it.

Tucker Barnes hopes to see Frandsen at a Phillies game this year, but until then, will hold onto his valuable keepsake from today's visit.

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"He signed my cast."

Frandsen says he simply sees days like this as a chance to give back.

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"I grew up coming to hospitals with my brother when he was sick, and there's nothing better than being able to interact. And seeing how he used to interact with the older people that would come in that were athletes and all that, and how it made him feel, I like being that guy now."

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