Markell back from first trip to World Econ. Forum

By Amy Cherry/Allan Loudell 3:33pm, January 28, 2013
Governor Markell is back from Switzerland after a brief weekend trip there for the World Economic Forum's annual conference.

He tells WDEL he met with several CEOs from Fortune 500 companies that have a presence in Delaware.

"One has a lot of employees, several hundred employees in Delaware, but this particular CEO has actually not been to the Delaware facility before, so it was a great opportunity for me to talk to him about the workforce that we have here and what a great operation it is; I talked to a COO of one of the major banks that has a presence here," says Markell.

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In his second year at the conference, Markell also noted a change in mood.

"I wouldn't say it was terrible optimistic this year, and this is my first time being there by the way, but last year, Europe, there was a lot of uncertainty about what was going to happen to Europe. I think there's still some uncertainty about Europe, but I think there's less than there was last year. So I think there's a bit more optimistic, cautious optimism, I'd call it from around the world," Markell says.

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Markell also sat in on a panel on energy, and notes a growing recognition of the United States' opportunity to bring back manufacturing with the the reduced cost of natural gas.

To his surprise, Markell also met with the United Nations Secretary- General, Ban Ki-moon about his interest to establish strong connections with governors.

Markell attended the elite conference as chair of the National Governors' Association, which funded the trip.

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