New report shows how Del. charter school law could be improved

By Amy Cherry 1:22pm, January 30, 2013 - Updated 10:08pm, January 30, 2013
Delaware's charter school law falls in the middle of the road according to a new report by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has more.

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Delaware moved up a spot, ranking 21st, but Kendall Massett, Executive Director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, explains the jump isn't due to progress.

"We didn't go up for necessarily doing anything different with our law. We went up because the methodology changed and how they were ranking the different parts of the law," says Massett.

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Unlike Delaware, Hawaii saw the most progress jumping from the back of the pack in 35th place to 14th. Massett tells WDEL she can't wait to hear how they overhauled the law to jump that high in the rankings.

The rankings show Minnesota has the best charter school law in the country. Delaware fares far better than surrounding states like New Jersey and Maryland, which ranked 29th and 42nd, respectively. Pennsylvania is slightly ahead of Delaware, ranking 19th.

Massett says to improve our law, Delaware's 22 charter schools need equitable funding.

"Right now, they get on average about $3,000 less per pupil than other traditional schools in our state so we would like to see that change," says Massett.

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Massett would also like to see performance-based contracts for all charter schools, so they wouldn't have to go through the lengthy renewal process.

To see the full report visit The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

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